PET MO-Columbia update 7/23/12

Goal: 1160 Actual: 1158

*** Barbara and I are entering our third major drought, experienced. Born in
’24 the 1930’s drought-dust-bowl days, and insect plagues hit us full force
as kids on farms with no electricity or running water. We remember the
frantic , but in reality useless, efforts we made to control chinch bugs,
army works and grass hoppers. We remember pumping and carrying bucket after
bucket of water to try to raise enough food to eat. We remember—and those
years plus the depression that followed will forever color the way we think
and act.

By the 1950’s we were married, graduated from college, and establishing a
Grade-A dairy farm in Jasper County, MO. We had borrowed heavily to
establish the farm. Then another severe drought hit. In two days our Jerseys
ate down a 23 acre field of corn that got two feet high and tassled. The
well we had drilled for the dairy farm supplied water all summer long for
four neighbors who came each day with their trailers and barrels.

Now, with a big flower garden and a small vegetable garden in our back
yard we live in air conditioned comfort and water with a hose and sprinkler.

But it is a small comfort for farmers to sit in an air-conditioned house
and look out upon hundreds of acres of wilting crops. I was in the
countryside last Saturday. Our Jerseys could not eat 23 acres of the corn I
saw in two days—but there were few ears on it, and those knubby.


FROM PET IN ZAMBIA: The container sent some time ago finally cleared
customs and arrived. Joe Harless has been there working with a medical
clinic and PET. PET Zambia has purchased additional ground and will build a
special PET building–increasing their production capacity from 500 a year
to 1,000 units. They supply a large area of central south Africa with PETs.
The container sent carried parts and metal to them, supplied by PET
International with various PET Affiliates (production shops) contributing.

PET International is also working to establish similar regional centers
in places such as Central America.


*** Another load of painted PET seat backs appeared on our porch this
weekend, supplied by Dave Andrews of Senath, MO. THANKS, Dave.

*** PET International is having their Annual Meeting and Workshop Conference
in Bryan, TX (PET TX-Brazos Valley) on Sept. 14 & 15. See the announcement & 
invitation. All are welcome. If you’d like to visit with other PET
volunteers, hear more PET stories, learn more about PET, etc., come join us.
The only cost of the conference itself is meals which are provided on site.
A group of us will be going from the Columbia area: Kathy as
treasurer, etc., Steve Baima (Executive Director), Susan Williams
(standardization chair), Roger Hofmeister (on new medical advisory board
that is being formed) and perhaps others from the Columbia board. We will
be flying down on Thursday the 13th and coming back on Sunday.


“This time, like all times, is a very good time, if we but know what to do
with it.” R.W. Emerson

Mel West

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