PET MO-Columbia update 7/9/12

Goal to date: 1080 Actual: 1083

*** Here is a neat MID-SUMMER MISSION PROJECT for you/ your group: The
Container Project that partners with PET is gathering Christmas presents for
12,000 children (ages 1 to 12) that are in the Rainbow Network Project in
rural Nicaragua. I am especially pushing books for the children. These
children mostly come from dirt floored shacks, and whose parents either have
no education or very limited. Most of these houses have utterly no reading
material in them. The children are now in Rainbow Network schools, but
resources there are extremely limited. The kids need encouragement and
something to read. Here’s how you can help:

*** Go on the web and write in “Spanish books-children.” You will find
plenty. Order.

*** Write a message to the child–either in Spanish or English, in each
book. Send the books to us here at Container, 1908 Heriford, Columbia, MO
65202– before August 30.

*** OR- Send a check to PET, and mark it clearly for “books.” We will make
the best buy possible.

*** Barnes-Noble and other such bookstores will also have the books.


*** Ask yourself, “If my child or grandchild were in Nicaragua and had no
books, how many would I send?” Each time we say “Our Father” in the Lord’s
prayer we are acknowledging that we are all one family under God, and those
children are indeed ours.”

*** Friday Roger Hofmeister and his crew palletized 11 pallets with 77 PETs
on them that are now waiting on our dock to be picked up to go to MedShare,
an NGO partner in Decatur. GA.

*** Last week we received a donation of 10 Coleman picnic coolers. With them we will make the ‘Mini-Mart” that goes on the back of the PET so a PET recipient can become a street vendor. (See attached picture. A shelf is
built for attachment over the cargo area and sent along with the cooler and 2 storage bins for under the seat.)

*** Two boxes (120) of front axles came from the Webberville, MI, United Methodist Men.

*** Last week Gene Moore passed at 96. For about 9 years he was a faithful,
dedicated PET volunteer. He worked in the shop as long as he could, and all the time promoted PET with the Christian Churches.


*** A thank-you:”Thank you for giving us the opportunity to distribute the
PETs free of charge to the under-privileged, physically challenged and
financially weak patients. More so it gave us immense joy to see the
patients receive those PETs which gave them hope.” From India.


“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead
anywhere.” – Frank Clark

Mel West

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