PET MO-Columbia update 7/2/12

Goal to date: 1040 Actual: 1053

*** Yesterday I had the privilege of being the guest preacher at the St.
John’s U.C.C. Church south of Boonville, MO. Barbara and I always enjoy so
much the opportunity to be with rural churches. For 20 years (1965-85) I
received my paycheck for my work with rural churches across Missouri and the
USA. These churches are extremely important in maintaining community in
rural areas. In many areas they are the only social binder left after the
school , post office and lodges close.

My own United Methodist denomination has been closing churches (rural and
inner city) at the rate of one a day for the past 100 years. Now we are
merging larger units.

I have found rural churches to be far more generous in outreach mission
than their urban counterparts. The church yesterday, with possibly 30 in
attendance, sent me back with $603.53. The seed money for that came from
the children in their VBS, and others added to it.


*** Jim Lacker forwarded me a note from Ash Norton in Haiti: “My wife and I
are familiar with PET. A crippled member of our Mizak Church uses one even
on the extremely rocky paths in Mizak. A Michigan volunteer team brought
it.” (See attached report from 1 1/2 years ago. I’m guessing this brief
report was on Ti Pierre who received a PET in 2010. Either way it
confirms the durability and mobility of a PET. That’s the point and
mission. Kathy)


*** And for you rural folks — We drove back home through the corn-planted
fields of the Missouri River bottoms around Boonville. The corn is tasseling
and hurting because of the drought here. The bottom leaves on most were
fired up to 2 feet high. We have no rain promised for another week, and I
think that will cut yields by at least 50% (And we have Japanese beetles in
our garden,)


*** Two large pallets of clothing and sewing machines went off last week to
Haiti. They were for a new mission being started there by a local resident
from there.


“Footprints in the sands of time are not made by sitting down.”
English Proverb

Mel West

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