PET MO-Columbia update 6/25/12

Goal to date: 1000 Actual 1012!

*** Last week was the biggest week of shipping on record. On Monday we
shipped 40 PETs and 23 sewing machines to Mozambique. Wednesday we shipped a
container of 212 PETs to Swaziland.

A rather amazing thing happened with the sewing machines. The Platte
Woods United Methodist Church came to pick up the PETs to put into the 40′
container they were shipping to Mozambique with medical supplies. They had
not asked about sewing machines, but when he came I showed them to him and
asked if he thought they might need them. He looked amazed and took out his
Blackberry to show me an e-mail received from the hospital the day before.
It said, “We have finished our new sewing room. Now where do we get the
sewing machines?” They have 23 on the way.


*** Swaziland is a small country (one-sixth the size of Missouri) bounded by
South Africa and Mozambique. Sixty-three percent of its people live on less
than $1.25 a day, and it has a life expectancy of 33.44 years. Persons who
work there have told me that the Swazis are a wonderful people–friendly,
generous and great to work with.

The Luke Commission (named after St. Luke, the Physician) was founded in
2004 to offer healthcare to the rural areas of Swaziland. It is a 501-c-3
and is an excellent PET Partner. We have sent PETs there before and received
thorough reports and photos. (See attached report received this month.
Only the first page includes a Columbia made PET, but it has many great
stories. I added some additional info on the first page. Enjoy. Kathy)


*** June 18, received 108 plastic crank handles from Rodney Hanson in MN

*** 3 boxes of brake pads were receive a couple of weeks ago from Paul
Drescher in WI.

*** One of our volunteers just today donated a 1994 4-wheel drive Ford
pickup in good condition to PET MO. It is for sale and on our parking lot.
Anyone interested can come and drive it.

*** Today, as he does every Monday, Ron Brookshire, of mid-MO, brought in
the five rear frames he makes each week for the PULL PETs that Ray McKenzie
and his team make each week.


“Count your joys, instead of your woes;
Count your friends, instead of your foes.”

Mel West

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