PET MO-Columbia update 6/18/12

Goal to date: 960, Actual: 974

*** We shipped today 40 PETs for Mozambique. The MO United Methodist
Conference was coordinating a shipment of medical supplies and included
PETs. They came to our door and picked up the PETs that will go in an
overseas container sent to Mozambique from Kansas City, MO – their
conference’s sister country.

This was a story from 2002 which is on our website’s 2002 Stories page.

“Adriano’s Gift of Mobility

Adriano Sustino Mandlate, in Mozambique, had polio has a child, and could move about only by scooting along on his bottom, as shown above. Tom Algiere spotted him and arranged for him to receive a PET. Now Adriano is mobile, as seen in the picture. He can travel about, and is sitting up in a dignified position where he can look people in the eye and be treated as a worthy human being.”

*** Two HEAVY boxes of front axles came today from the Webberville United
Methodist Men. They have been great partners providing axles since about


“Our minds are like crows. They pick up everything that glitters, no matter
how uncomfortable our nests get with all that stuff in them.” Thomas Merton

Mel West


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