Reports & photos from The Luke Commission in Swaziland

Dr. Harry VanderWal (center) instructs how to use the new PET carts presented to three handicapped Swazis at a Luke Commission mobile clinic. Dr. Harry emphasizes that the carts come from Jesus through His followers in the United States.
He also tells recipients that the carts are theirs as long as they use them. When they no longer need them, the carts are to go to community leaders to give to the next most needy persons.

This smiling 30-year-old lady said to Luke Commission staff in SiSwati: “I must confess I have never felt such happiness in my life. I very much want to thank the American people for providing me with this helpful wheelchair. I am delighted that now I will be able to move from one point to the other without much difficulty.”

“Today I feel more like a human being,” said elderly lady who lives out in the bush of Swaziland, southern Africa, and received a PET cart at The Luke Commission clinic that came to her rural community that day.
Behind the lady, grandchildren pack her old wheelchair to take back to their homestead. The grandkids said their “gogo” will sit in the old chair in their hut, but they will no longer have to help her get to the latrine. “Gogo can move around by herself now,” exclaimed her grandchildren. “We are happy, too.”
(Note how her useless legs are bent under her body. They are been that way since birth. She crawled from place to place.)

Outside a rural bush school in Swaziland, a tiny country in southern Africa with the highest HIV/AIDS rate, these two handicapped people celebrate their newfound mobility thanks to Personal Energy Transportation carts made by donors in America.
The carts were assembled this day at a Luke Commission medical site. Word has spread throughout the country that these carts are available at TLC clinics. However, TLC doctors carefully evaluate who most needs and who will use the carts.
The lady’s sister in the photo (right) is equally excited. Whole families rejoice whenever a relative receives a PET.

Here’s a PET cart that has been used so much on the highways and byways that the owner (seated in middle) has licensed it. He sells produce from the back of the cart and travels many kilometers every day to reach customers. The all-rubber wheels and carrier in the back are perfect for Swaziland’s rough bush terrain.
The Luke Commission’s staff member and translator Nathi (far right) went to this man’s hut to talk about what parts need to be replaced on well-used cart. Nathi will help him overhaul the cart this very day.
Routinely at TLC mobile clinics, Nathi assembles PET carts, adjusts them for individual recipients, and teaches them how to use and keep the carts in good repair.
“I have great joy when these carts are given to my fellow Swazis,” said Nathi.
A neighbor (left) watches. Someday he may need a PET cart, too…

This jubilant PET recipient asked, “People who care for me that I have never seen did this for me?” Then he praised Jesus. “This shows that God is able to satisfy every need in different ways. There is overwhelming joy in my soul.”
“Siyabonga. Siyabonga.” Thank you. Thank you!

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