PET MO-Columbia update 6/4/12


*** Yesterday Barbara and I were at the Bethel Salem Presbyterian Church,
which is a open-country church located in the lovely hills and valleys of
the Missouri Ozarks some 45 miles northeast of Jefferson City, our capital
city. Bethel Salem is one of those faithful rural churches that has “kept
on keeping on” in spite of declining populations. It is a church with a
history of supporting the mission work of the Kingdom. I spoke about PET and
the general mission work of the church. (And came back with two generous

*** As we prepare for a major shipment of 200 PETs to Swaziland, The Luke
Commission, I want to share this report from them about a prior shipment. They do love those PULL PETs:

“We just cannot say in words what the PETs have done to this ministry and
the country of Swaziland. It has been absolutely amazing how God has used
them. We want you to know how thankful we are. You cannot imagine how many
children and teenagers with cerebral palsy we are fitting with PULL PETs.
They have been confined to their homes and never taken out because the
grandmothers – who traditionally do all the care for the ill- are too weak
to carry them on their backs after a certain age. The traditional PETs are
so amazing as the people are thankful for their new independence.

You can see their self-worth growing leaps and bounds when they mount the
PET.” (See attached previous report. Also an edit of their video of what
TLC is and does showing PETs distributed is on our combo DVD as #4. If
you have not seen our updated DVD with 6 videos or have to share with
others, let me know. I’ll get one to you. Kathy)


*** When I came to work this morning at 6:00 there were four large boxes of
brand-new, unopened medical supplies for surgical operating rooms. We have
five large hospitals in Columbia and are frequently the recipient of such
items when wards are closed. All such items go to The Orphan Grain Train in
Norfolk, NE, and then off to mission hospitals they supply.


*** Over the weekend Kathy did some of her “shopping the specials” (and I
think maybe, begging) and purchased 65 pairs of good quality shoes for children and youth for Rainbow Network in Nicaragua. When stores learn about where the shoes go they often
give bigger discounts. (Kathy: Mel started me on this back in 2005 for The
Container Project when he had a big drive for shoes and $ to buy them. It’s
one of my fun tasks to do. I enjoy seeing how far I can stretch donor
dollars and help Nicaraguan kids, too. [My husband and I also give to the
children’s shoe project along with others.] I shop with designated
donations if anyone would like to help. I just try to keep a general eye
out for deals and pass by shoe aisles or store closings. But my main store
is Payless Shoes which Columbia has 2 of, and I’m on their email list. They
alert me to sales or send emails of extra $ or % off. Then sometimes on my
shopping receipt is an offer of $2 off the next visit after answering a
short online survey, which I do. I look for sturdy/hunky tennis shoes for
up to $5, but will take other kinds or for less money if they’re simpler
shoes. This time my shopping resulted from an email of an extra 30% off.
So the 65 pairs ended up from $2.80 to $4.20 with no sales tax. I have
received some extra discounts from local managers in the past, but not this time. But one of the managers after seeing what I was up to went in the back and pulled out more that hadn’t been marked down yet and put out. My husband gets in on some of these trips by lugging bags out to the vehicle
and sometimes helping push multiple carts full to the checkout. It’s a family affair. Attached you’ll find a of my Rav filled with 194 pairs I got from some stops on the way home from St. Louis in 2010.)


“Sympathy is never wasted, except when you give it to yourself.” John Raper

Mel West

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