Personal Energy Transportation carts continue to impact the lives of the disabled in Haiti

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Hi Von,

One of our Haitian partners is in the US for a couple weeks, so he called
me from Florida. He said, “Tina, you will not believe this. I was walking
down the street and saw a man with a missing leg. I said, ‘Sir, come with
me to the church. I want to give you something that you will really like.’
So the man followed me and upon receiving his PET cart, he acted as if he
went to heaven and back. He is a very happy man thanks to GAiN [and PET
Carts]. His name is Patrick Jean. He is 56 years old and has 2 daughters,
Gloria 25 and Victoria 27. They live in Jacquet, Petion-Ville, Haiti. He
is unemployed and has experienced a rough life. His leg was amputated
after the earthquake on January 12, 2010. The PET Cart enables him to move
about easier now. I will see him again July 26, 2012 in Haiti. He told me
his life is changed forever. One of the best ways we share the gospel is
to take care of people in our community. Some of them may not even be a
Christian. Patrick now visits our Petion-Ville Church regularly. He might
accept Christ one day. We are still praying for him.”

Von, please let your volunteers know how they impacted this man’s life
forever. We really appreciate you all.

Tina Waldrum
Donor Liaison
Global Aid Network

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