PET recipients in India

From: John Peter Kirubagaran
To: Mel West
Sent: 5/15/2012
Subj: Details of Beneficiaries of wheel chair

Here is the report on distribution of the wheels that was sent. We rejoice for these being used distributed for the purpose that it meant for. I am sending you the testimonies which are attachment in this email.

Yours in Christ,
John Peter Kirubagaran

Dear Mr John and Mr Vasanth,

Greetings from St Johns !

I hope all is well. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to distribute these wheel chairs free of cost to the under privileged, physically challenged and financially weak patients. More so it gave us immense joy to see the patients receive these wheel chairs which gave them some hope to be mobile.

Seven of the wheel chairs were routed via the Medical social department of St John’s Hospital which deals with the financially poor patients and Fr Joji and Ms Elisa have thoroughly assessed them in detail and counseled them before choosing them as the rightful recipient. Beneficiaries 6 and 7, their photos will be forwarded to you later. Two wheel chairs were assessed by the orthopedic department and one has been released and this photo will be forwarded to you from my phone to Mr Vasanth’s mobile number and the other one will be released soon and I will forward you the second recipient from orthopedic once I release the wheel chair. So a total of eight wheel chairs have been released and one will be released soon. Out of the eight, seven are in the attachment and one will be forwarded to Mr Vasanth by mobile MMS, or email. The one which is in my phone was the first released and we were just able to get his photo before he left that evening when he was discharged from the hospital and from the second wheel chair we routed it from MSW so that it can be done in an orderly fashion capturing their details and photos and also counseling them. We have couriered you details in the past of the initial few recipients and it is being forwarded to you again in the attachment.

Out of the fifteen wheel chairs that were given to us for distribution, eight are already given away and one will be released soon. Mr Dominic our carpenter applied his brilliant mind to assemble these chairs, which did not seem easy when Vasanth showed it to us first. Dr Sunny who retired from our hospital was also actively involved in getting these wheel chairs assembled along with Mr Dominic and Mr Arokiaraj. Above all our Associate Director Hospital, Fr Immanuel Raj and his office staff Sr Monica and team supported us and we were able to do this little for our financially weak, physically challenged patients. Thank you once again !

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