PET MO-Columbia update 5/14/12

The goal of PET MO-Columbia is to build 2012 PETs in 2012.
Goal to date, 760. Actual: 793.

A special fundraising PET PROJECT BBQ’d PULLED PORK DINNER will be this
Saturday, May 19th from 11:30 to 2:00 p.m., at the Columbia Senior Center.
1121 Business Loop 70 East (west of the power plant a short distance). Come
and bring friends for a good meal and support a good cause. Mike McMillen, a
PET board member who is known for his BBQ skills, arranged the event.

Tickets available at PET or Senior Center for $10.00, or $11:00 at door on
Sat. Less for children.


*** Another “snow bird” is back in Missouri, Dave Andrews, of Senath. He
goes south for the winter but when he is in Missouri he makes our colorful
seat backs with the word “PET” painted on them/ When I arrived early this
morning I found 100 seat backs on our porch. THANKS, DAVE!! (I think they
arrived via someone who was in this area for a graduation. PET parts
sometimes take strange journeys.)


*** A donor e-mailed recently to see if a check had arrived. He was a bit
concerned that he had sent a large check through the mail. We were able
immediately to assure him that it had arrived, the check number, and that it
had been deposited, and that a thank you was on the way. This caused me to
think that perhaps you donors would like to know how we handle donations
received by mail:

(1) I open all mail, and envelopes carrying checks are put into a secure
place of my responsibility.
(2) Each Thursday a volunteer (same one all the
time) comes and deposits the checks, copying everything that comes with them
(notes, special requests, etc.) He makes two copies of each check, one for
the office and one for Kathy Maynard, our business manager.
(3) Kathy records the data onto the PET computer records, from which she can make interesting correlations/reports regarding giving habits and sends a thank you.
(4) The office copy is kept in a secure place here for references when needed. Check copies outdated for tax purposes are shredded.



“It is so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.” Annie Gottier

Mel West

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