5/14/12 report from Morgan in Zimbabwe

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Dear brothers and sisters in Faith,

I am attaching some photos I took during a recent business contact visit to Cheshire Homes in Harare. A tip from my nephew’s pastor took me to this place. I will be making a follow up visit to get more details on who delivered those PETS and when. The brothers in the photos said they got theirs sometime last year. the record keeping is a little fuzzy. I’ll follow up this communication with more details, names of subjects in the photos etc. I will be making follow up visits this week to gather more specific details and /or leads. Notice the “extra” front wheel retro-fitted onto a regular wheel-chair. Most wheel chairs I encounter are like that. The units seem to be holding up fine with the exception of a the spring which looks worn out (see close up photo). The gentleman in charge of the Cheshire is the one in the wheel-chair on the pictures I appear. the other is a client, Bright Kadengu, himself a PET recipient. The guy’s name is Clever Mukazi. One photo shows Clever in his retro-fitted wheel-chair next to Bright Kadengu by his PET I am on the trail to track down the Gain distributed units, so far no luck. the number I got for a Zimbabwean contact is not a working number(Aleck’s number). God Bless!


Follow-up from Mel West:

The spring got bent when it was crushed against the “gooseneck” on a sharp  turn. It will likely go on and work . We here in Columbia always include an extra spring in the box of tools, and would recommend that. They can also become lost or stolen. THANKS, Morgan. This is helpful and encouraging information.

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