PET MO-Columbia update 4/30/12

Goal to date: 680.
Actual: 704!

*** The Washington Overseas Mission picked up the following items last
week for their mission in Honduras: 36 sewing machines, 12 sets of
crutches, 5 standard wheelchairs, 21 foldable walkers, 11 PETs, 11 walking
canes, 1 child car seat, 2 mini-marts, 1 potty chair, 23 boxes of bed
*** A note from the Honduras: “Dr. Raul has also said that the women have
been so happy to receive the sewing machines. Many have been able to start
their own businesses with the machines.”
*** The “Sew and Sews” are a local group that makes lovely dresses and
similar items for the needy. Recently they delivered two large boxes of
pillow case dresses and boys shorts. They are on the way to Guatemala.
*** As I write bids are coming in for sending a 53 foot truckload of
mission items to The Orphan Grain Train in Norfolk, NE. I always get
three bids, or more. The load will contain PETs, bed linens, sewing
machines. & wheelchairs. The OGT is one of our excellent distributors of
PETs and other mission items.
*** Ann and Dick Dyniewicz, from St. Louis, came by with another load of
mission items. Our Container volunteers worked the weekend boxing items
for shipment.

*** Needed:
Speakers Bureau coordinator to coordinate PET promotion through speakers and booths. When a request for a speaker comes to PET, the Speakers Bureau coordinator would be responsible for filling it. There is
currently a list of volunteers who are willing to speak, the coordinator
would match the request with the speaker. There are also occasions where PET has a booth at an activity (such as the recent Earth Day) and the coordinator would also find volunteers to staff the booth. In addition to matching the volunteer to the request the Speakers Bureau coordinator
would proactively contact service clubs, churches, etc. to set up speaking
engagements. We would also like to expand our list of volunteers who are
willing to speak and willing to be at a booth. If you are interested in
doing any of these things please contact Mel West or Susan Williams.
See attached form for volunteering to give a presentation or man a booth.

“It is important to remember that the entire population of the universe,
with one trifling exception, is composed of others.” Andrew J. Holmes
Mel West


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