PET MO-Columbia update 4/24/12

Goal, build 2012 PETs in 2012. Goal to date 640. Actual 670.


*** An Indian woman will be a surrogate mother for $8,000.

*** You can upgrade your jail cell in Santa Ana, CA for $80 a night,
getting a clean, quiet private cell.

*** You can shoot an endangered black rhino in S. Africa for $250,000.

*** Your doctor’s cell-phone number may be available for $1,500.

*** You can immigrate to the USA for $500,000.

*** For $250 you can send a PET that will immediately give a
leg-handicapped person a new life of hope, pride, dignity comfort and
productivity. That is a bargain!


*** Our bright yellow show-and-tell PET went to the local Earth Day
Celebration here in Columbia yesterday. This is an annual event that draws
about 150 booth presentations, musical groups, and thousands of interesting
people. Jim Wall, Roger Hofmeister and I shared manning the booth, which was
alongside the Fair Trade Coffee booth from Community United Methodist

Our yellow PET drew a lot of attention, and was especially attractive to
children. It was interesting how even two-year olds knew how to operate it,
even though he or she could not reach the crank handles. The PET family grew
as more were informed.


*** This week Jan Long will be here to pick up PETs, sewing machines and
other items bound for Honduras. See attached report.

*** A semi-load of PETs, sewing machines, medical supplies, etc. is being
prepared for The Orphan Grain Train in Norfolk, NE.

*** Roger sends a special THANK YOU to those who helped to unload and store
the 853 PET rear frames that Richard, Dennis and Gary brought back from
Ohio. The unloading (and loading) of those is a major task and MUCH
appreciated. Those will supply us for four months. Also great thanks to the
Tom and Dallas Andrew’s team in OH who has built them for the last decade.


“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.”
Matuo Basho

Mel West

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