PET MO-Columbia update 4/16/12

We will build 2012 in 2012. Goal to date- 600. We have built 624!

*** Tomorrow a truck will pick up 83 adult PETs, 22 Child, and 6 PULL The
truck will then go to Aurora, MO, to finish the load with PETs from PET
SW-MO. Then it will be off to Norfolk, VA., to go on a US Navy ship to
Benin, as a part of Project Handclasp. Charlie Christy and Roger Hofmeister
have our load all ready to go.

*** Walt Hays is our PET Promoter in Alaska. He writes that we now have 7
demo-PETs in Alaska for show-and-tell, and that two are housed with the
Kodiak Lions Club and the Barrow Lions Club, with the notation that that is
the TOP OF THE WORLD. A PET will be in the 4th of July Crab Festival Parade.
(A volunteer promoter may have 1 or no PETs depending on their vehicle size.
7 is unusual, but Alaska is large. If a PET becomes unused for regular
promotion, then it will be repacked and sent out for distribution. If fact,
Walt and some of his congregation have participated in PET distributions.
So it is possible they make take a demo PET later on to a country
themselves. Sometimes PETs are taken with persons on the airplane when just
one is involved. Kathy)


*** Delbert Groves. our PET man in Zambia, writes of going to a church to
distribute PETs. They gave out 19. I quote from a bit of his letter to us:

“In Zambia the handicapped are shunned, even by their families. Families
see a family member who is handicapped as reason to be ashamed. As we left
we were on roads that were just about impassable. Two men on their new PETs
were ahead of us making better time than we were in our car, and certainly
better time than they could have on crutches. They pulled over to the side
to let us pass, and as we did they gave us the thumbs up sign and a smile
that cannot be described.” (PET Zambia is the continuation of the original
mission that asked for what became PET. Since then we have sent supplies to
build, transport funds, or completed boxed PETs. They get wood locally and
need all the rubber tires & steel components or supplies to cut and weld on


*** Next Sunday, April 22, PET will do show-and-tell from a booth at the
local Earth Day celebration. This is a huge local event with well over 100
booths on the theme of earth care. PET fits that theme and each year we
inform more persons about THE GIFT OF MOBILITY AND HOPE.


*** If any of you readers of this live near us, we need more of the blue
recycle bags if you have any extra. We use them to pack a PET, and the PET
recipients prize them for use in their houses. They store food and clothing
in them, and hang them from the rafters so the mice and rats do not get into


“Life: It is about the gift, not the package it comes in.” Dennis Costea, Jr.


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