How PET distributions happen in Zambia

Dear PET Friends,

Recently Rev. Delbert Groves sent an update from Zambia. He runs New Life Center, a Methodist mission that includes PET Zambia. PET Zambia is the continuation from when Larry Hills was in Africa and asked for what became PET. Some of you have been involved with sending supplies for shipments to PET Zambia to build PETs there. The last overseas shipping container went out last month from Florida. Some of you probably get Delbert’s reports. Mr. Carl Bergeson had been there for several weeks assisting and helped with PETs. Delbert posted Carl’s newsletters on their website.  I will paste in below some of the general cover email and then attach page 2 of Carl’s newsletter this week.

Kathy Maynard
PET International Treasurer

“For the last five weeks Mr. Carl Bergeson from Ocala First UMC, Florida has been helping Sandy with teaching (science)….However, we have had him doing a number of other things like….helping with building and giving out PETs….”

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