PET MO-Columbia update 4/9/12

Goal for first three months: 520 PETs. Actual: 540!! How ’bout that?!!

*** An old friend returned last week–Mama Killdeer. I met her some 85 years
ago as a barefoot boy in SW Missouri. She planted her nest on the high
gravel bars of the creek where I fished and swam. I soon learned her
favorite trick to distract me from her nest, as she flopped away from it,
feigning a broken wing. I quickly learned to recognize her shrill call, a

Mama K. came in from Texas last week, having wintered where our children
live. She comes each spring, pushing aside a few pebbles in our
white-gravel parking lot and droppng four eggs for my inspection. I put up
a couple of safety cones next to her nest to protect it, and place a pan of
water there for her comfort. She was a special feature in our local paper
three years ago. She will hatch out three or four little guys who will run
like the wind on their tiny legs.

Barbara and I are now waiting for Mama Wren to come home to the new
little house I made for her, and hung in the usual spot just outside of
Barbara’s kitchen window. She and her mate and little ones are far better
entertainment than most programs on TV.


*** Our truck team (volunteer’s pickup and borrowed trailer from the MO
Methodist Conference) is arranging to go to Napoleon, OH, next week to pick
up some 800 rear frames– a trip we make about two to three times a year.
Dallas and Tom Andrew have for about 12 years been making and donating all
our rear frames. The rear frame holds the wooden seat and cargo box and
connects to the wheels. They raise the money, buy materials, cut, weld,
punch holes and powder paint. This amazing dedication and generosity is what
makes PET the amazing mission it is. If we had to purchase these, it would
cost over $20 each without being painted. Maybe over $30 now with the
increase in steel prices. You can do the math. This is
just one example of how the cost of a PET is approximately $250. Without
our wonderful volunteer parts makers and vendors who donate or give us
discounted off the shelf items, PETs would cost over $500. A committee
calculated that number several years ago.

On the way our truck will drop off some PETs, bed linens and fabric for
Operation Classroom, a partner NGO in Indiana. They work in Sierra Leone and
Liberia providing healthcare and Christian based education.


“”A smile is a light in the window of your face, that tells people that your
heart is home.” Unknown

Mel West

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