PET MO-Columbia update 4/2/12

If I were to be asked to preach this Easter Sunday I would talk about the Easter’s of today and not spend a lot of time talking about the one two thousand years old. It was a model for the fact that we ought to invest our time, energies and resources TODAY in enabling Easters to happen all around us.

A work team of us went to Esparza, Costa Rica. Six worked on the home for
Maria. When we arrived she and her three children lived in an utterly
terrible dirt floored hovel about 12′ by 20′. It was on a hillside and
muddy water ran through it every time it rained. It had one door and no
windows. That old shack represents the tomb–Black Friday. No hope, death,

With her neighbors and our work team we tore that shack apart and by
Friday had built a lovely concrete block house, cement floor, doors,
windows, metal roof, etc.. That new house was EASTER SUNDAY–new life,
hope, the resurrection. I went back to Esparza to visit Maria about 2
years later. Her house and lot were maintained with pride–a total
transformation–NEW LIFE..RESURRECTION!!

From Black Friday to Easter in one week!!

In Guatemala a man named Ernesto got polio at age 7 and crawled upon the
ground for 37 years. Black Friday for him–hopelessness, despair, death.
For 37 years he was a beggar crawling on the ground lie a snake. Then Easter came in the form of PET. He took it home and built a traveling snack shop on it, and is now a proud entrepreneur making a good living for his family (see attached picture shared a year ago). NEW LIFE…NEW HOPE…EASTER…THE RESURRECTION. In one day he rose from the ground and looks people in the eye– from Black Friday to Easter in one day. That is what PET is all about!


*** That’s my Easter sermon. Look around you and rejoice in the Easters
you see daily. Find individuals or groups living in Black Friday and help
them through to Easter.


*** One of our visitors this week was Al Hoffman, shop coordinator for the
PET Affiliate in Holland, MI. They make only child-sized PETs in that

*** Jo Ann Smarr, the widow of one of our long-time faithful volunteers,
Earl Smarr, died last week and Roger and I will be attending her funeral
today. She asked that memorial donations come to PET, as did Earl.


“A good teacher is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the
way.” – John Maxwell

Mel West


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