PET MO-Columbia update 3/30/12

*** Finding a Successor for our Executive Director and Founder: About
three years ago our board created a Longe Range Planning Committee. One
of their tasks they have worked on is finding a terrific successor to
begin training for a smooth transition. First they had to create a job
description and then…. With a few years gone by and Mel almost 88, the
committee is putting more energy into this important task. We have
already mailed out by postal the attached letter to all our volunteers.
Now we are sending to all our friends on our email Update list. Soon we
will begin to put out more feelers with personal calls and ads as needed.
If you have potential successor tips, please contact us. Mel will include
a note in the spring newsletter with more detail. Thanks for all your
efforts for PET. Sincerely, Kathy Maynard, Business Adminstrator and LRP
Committee Member

*** Volunteer J. D. Montegue just delivered a large load of the bedding we
receive from a local hospital. For some reason the hospital discards that
bedding when it has 3/4 of its wear still in it. It comes to us freshly
laundered and folded. Our “Container” volunteers carefully sort it and
pack it nicely in boxes. We send it around the world to various
humanitarian projects.

Some we sent to Nicaragua (via Orphan Grain Train) went to a hospital
that had been changing the bed linen every eighth patient. Such is often
the case with hospitals in poverty-stricken areas.

We have a surplus of this bedding on hand now. If anyone reading this
could us some, it is free; but you will need to pick it up or pay
shipping. (I suppose you could call that a cover charge.)

*** Matt Stanton, of Stanton Stables, in IL just sent four boxes
containing 800 lower chain guards. Matt has been providing those guards
for several years,

*** Gary & Karen Coffman, from Ohio, came by Saturday for a visit and to
bring a very nice lot of fabric donated by Irene Busch of OH. Some of the
fabric was boxed Monday with sewing machines. The Coffmans have been
involved with our mission almost from the the beginnings of PET including
be volunteer Promoters. They are examples of why PET MO-Columbia has been
successful and is growing.


*** Harold Wilson was honored Sunday evening at the Vesper Services at
Lenoir Woods Retirement Center in Columbia (where he and his wife live).
Harold has been a hard working volunteer for PET for nine years. He helped
plan the layout for our shop, prepared thousands of frames for use, put
many a tire on when we used balloon tires, served on our board, encouraged
our work for foundation grants, etc. He had to quit the shop work for
health reasons, but will still be a PET Promoter.


*** When the folks with ACTS (A Call to Serve in Columbia, MO) in The
Republic of Georgia provide a PET for a person they want to know for sure
that they will be able to use it. This report came:

“Mirza Tsirikadze, 31, suffers from infantile cerebral palsy. We saw how
dificult it was for him to drive PET, but he stubbornly kept trying. For
an hour we watched his efforts and at last he managed to drive 100 meters
(a bit more than the length of a football field) without stopping. He did
win and we were glad to leave him his well deserved PET.” Eteri


“Lord, when we are wrong, make us willing to change.
When we are right, make us easy to live with.” – Peter Marshall.

Mel West

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