PET MO-Columbia update 3/12/12

*** Production report: Goal: 2012 in 2012: Goal to date, 400. Actual, 416.

*** On Friday 169 boxed PETs were loaded out for a Project Handclasp shipment arranged by Von Driggs. In a couple of weeks we will send 131 more to the same project. Benin and Ghana are two of the designated locations. We are working with Jim Wrinkle of PET MO-SW, and a trucking firm near him.

*** Patty Brown, from the Living Word UMC in Chesterfield, MO, brought a
large load of items for the Container Project to Nicaragua–including 200
Frisbees for the youth, a large quantity of excellent fabric, sewing
machines, walkers, crutches, etc. This church has sent members to PET

*** Larry & Loretta Reid, from Dexter, delivered 19 PET seats and a load
of cut wood for PET beds. The work carried their usually high quality.

*** The folks at General Printing here in Columbia delivered a great load
of items for the Container Project- picked up from the Southern Baptist
Camping Committee in Jefferson City. It included 230 new ball caps, 150+
new sports “T” shirts. 120 new sunglasses, 100+ award ribbons, and six new
award trophies..


HERE IS AN INTERESTING STORY: A reporter called me. She is writing a story
about the neighborhood in which PET Place is located. It is regarded as a
high crime place as drug gangs from St. Louis and Kansas City fight over
turf. Each week we have several drive-by shooting, several murders, etc.
(Columbia is a nice city to live in. Perhaps Mel meant each year; so I
did a little research. Per the MO Uniform Crime Reporting Program for
Columbia in 2011 we had 3 criminal homicides/manslaughter for a population
of almost 100,000 not counting college students. Kathy)

The reporter reasoned that in any neighborhood that is high crime there
must be, at the same time, some good things happening. She stopped in a
the local barber shop and asked them what was the BEST thing happening in
this neighborhood. They replied, “PET Project.”

Go around your community and ask, “What is the best thing happening in
this community?” Maybe it is PET.


*** JoAnn Shore, one of our great PET Promoters in Alaska, recently was
awarded a $500.00 grant from The Wells Fargo Foundation for her volunteer
service with PET in hosting and coordinating the PET exhibit at the Lions
International Convention in Seattle this past July. JoAnn is donating the
award money to PET.

*** PET International has received an excellent report on PETs distributed
by MedShare in Bangladesh. The photo of one PET owner shows him to have no
left leg, and no right leg, but he has a right foot coming out of his
torso. (See attached picture. It is not a Columbia made PET, but we have
sent a full semi load of 183 to their CA warehouse in Dec. 2009 and 15
child PETs in Dec. 2011.)


“You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” Yiddish Proverb

Mel West


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