PET MO-Columbia update 3/6/12

PET MO- Columbia Goal: 2012 in 2012: Goal to date, 320. Produced to date, 332.


*** Connections…connections…connections. A lot of how life measures
out for us comes due to connections we have or make. I have a rather rare
eye problem that caused me to look for the best eye doctor. Dr. Roger
Hofmeister, our shop foreman and volunteer coordinator, has a
daughter-in-law working for a Dr. Gans in St. Louis. Roger thought Dr.
Gans was good so we went there. And then Time Magazine, a few issues ago.
listed the top eye doctors using the laser technique in the USA, and Dr.
Gans was listed tops. We were there yesterday, and the prognosis is that I
will probably need a corneal transplant within a year. But it is
comforting to know that because of connections I now have a doctor rated

A part of humanitarian mission work is to give the overlooked and
disenfrachised better connections. PET connects a person crawling upon the
ground in a far-a-way place with caring individuals in the USA.

*** “Every day we would go to the bakery and on the way we would pass
Janil. He has no legs from the knees down, and he would stand on his stump
legs trying to sell whatever he had. We asked if he would like a PET. His
family called and said he would. This man’s life has been changed
dramatically. He can now move about to sell.” Orphan Grain Train – Haiti
(Janil was CONNECTED with some donor(s) here in the USA who gave the
$250.00 and volunteers who built and shipped the PET.) [Attached is the
report from Nov. 2010 that Mel is referring to. Kathy]


*** Terry Swan, from the Salem-in-Ladue UMC in St. Louis, came today with
4 bags of clothing and 4 boxes of shoes, for the Container Project.


***To improve is to change, and to be perfect is to change often.” Winston

Mel West

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