PET MO-Columbia update 2/27/12

*** 2012 in 2012! Goal to date: 320. Actual to date: 332.

2011 PETs from multiple Affiliates await distribution in Senegal, Africa. MIS (Mission Inter Senegal) received 434 PETs in all. PET MO-Columbia’s PETs are noted by the treated/unpainted wood and the seatbacks in red with “PET” on them.

*** Readers will recall that PET Intl. sent 434 PETs to Senegal via a US Navy program called Project Handclasp in 2011. About 180 of those went from here in Columbia. The Navy delivered the PETs to Senegal. Here are some excerpts from their report:

“The President for the Association of Handicapped for Senegal, Mr. Charif Ba, thanked MIS for this gift which they received with joy. He expressed thanks on behalf of all the recipients and emphasized that mobility is one of their biggest concerns. He testified that this was the first time Senegal has ever received such a gift for the handicapped.”

In spite of the size of the shipment of 434 PETs the need is far from met, and they requested more PETs. Von, director of operations for PET Intl, is working with Project Handclasp to see if that can be arranged in 2012.


*** James Sandfry prepared and we sent 300 rebuilt sewing machines, with
supplies and fabric, to mission centers across the world last year.
Recently we received this report from Delbert Groves, of New Life Mission
in Zambia:

“Please tell whoever works with you on the sewing machine THANK YOU!
Those machines really help in so many wonderful ways. One of our pastors
was telling me that his wife took two of the machines you sent and
started a sewing cooperative that now has 16 students. They are making
handbags and selling them. The profits go to keep children in school. He
was asking if we could help with another two machines.- Delbert

We sent Delbert a pallet of 24 machines today. Freight to the overseas
container at Brandon, FL, was $440.00. The pallet will go in a container
to Zambia with other mission supplies soon. (Donations given to The
Container Project designated to the “Sewing project” in the memo line will
go toward: supplies sent with the machines (needles, oil, etc.), minor
repairs/parts for the sewing machines, and shipping costs. If you’re not
on the mailing list for Container and would like to receive their 2/12
newsletter as a one-time thing or regularly/semiannually, let me know.


*** Rev. Harold Johnson, from Kansas City, came by recently with a
donation of seven sewing machines, fabric and other items. Harold and his
wife, Karen, are long-time friends, going way back to about 1975 and
sharing in workcamps across the state. Harold is active in and
acknowledged for his good work in justice issues.


NOTE: Our world is in deep financial trouble. The Australian Institute for
Economics and Peace recently released figures stating that the world could
have saved $8 trillion last year if we had been at peace. When will the
price of hate become too high for us to afford?


“”Never fear the shadows. They simply mean there is a light shinig
somewhere nearby.” Ruth Renkel


Mel West

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