PET MO-Columbia update 2/20/12

GLEANING FOR THE WORLD is a distribution partner for PET MO-Columbia.

On 8/1-11 we sent them 181 PETs, and on 2/15-12 we sent 182. We like the
way they distribute and report back. I want our donors to know an
additional fact about them (From a News Release)

“The Virginia based Humanitarian organization tops the list of the 200 largest Charities. This marks the third time Gleaning for the World has been so recognized by Forbes. This recognition highlights the hard work and focus of Rev. Davidson and staff to utilize every resource,” said Johathan Falwell, Chairman of the Board and Senior Pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church. The leadership team has done an excellent job on behalf of our faithful financial partners, who give sacrificially to meet the humanitarian needs of the world.”

Von Driggs, the logistics man for PET Intl, works constantly to identify
such distribution centers for PET, and to assure that they are quality


*** Larry Reid. a PET volunteer in Dexter, MO, makes wooden parts for PET.
The local newspaper, “The Daily Statesman, and KFVS TV- both recently ran
feature stores about PET and Larry. That kind of promotion is very

*** Our Warrensburg (MO) volunteers delivered enough cut parts for 100
PETs recently and have had a newspaper promotion. We will tell you about
that next week.

*** One PET goes off this week to HAFF, a Haitian mission, via the
Vergennes UMC in Illinois.

*** A group of about a dozen folks from Hams Prairie Christian Church,
Fulton, MO, toured PET MO last week. This group has been donating to PET
and wanted to see where their money went. They approved.


“Knowing others is intelligence,
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength,
mastering yourself is true power.” – Tao Te Ching


Mel West

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