Mission Inter Senegal 2011 PET distribution report & photos

From the full report: “We thank the Lord for the successful distribution of wheelchairs donated by PET International to Mission Inter Senegal (MIS) for the handicapped people of Senegal.

In spite of their physical limitations, handicapped people are not less valuable and have the same needs as any other human being. They are expected to work for a living to survive and provide for their families, and to contribute to the success of their communities and all of society. Sadly some of the disabled have become inactive due to their lack of mobility.

Without the ability to get from place to place, the handicapped cannot live up to their potential. This is why the PET carts we have received are an answer to this problem and can ease their ability to move around and care for their neighbor.

Through CBN Afrique, MIS received 275 out of 434 of the Personal Energy Transportation carts on September 4th 2011, via the US Navy’s Project Handclasp. Jean Jim Pina MIS Interim Director was there to represent MIS.”

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As you have seen in the report’s table of distribution, the number of wheelchairs received (434) did not meet the demands (580). We wanted to provide a chair for all of those in need but could not. Even now we continue to receive requests for more chairs. So we are looking for more wheelchairs to respond to the handicapped that have a dire need to be mobile.

We have seen that the need is great all over Senegal. There are many handicapped who did not receive wheelchairs due to the inadequate amount received. We are asking our partner PET to continue to support the work they have done in Senegal by sending another shipment that will satisfy the needs of the handicapped people.

We thank God for the success of the distribution of wheelchairs for the handicapped. We thank PET International with all of our hearts for their generosity to the handicapped people of Senegal through MIS and CBN.

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