PET MO-Columbia update 2/13/12

*** 2012 in 2012!! Goal to date: 240. Production to date: 248.

*** An e-mail from Ron Davidson of Gleaning for the World confirms that we
will ship them a truckload of PETs this week. They are an excellent PET
distributor, with good reports and stories.

*** One of our volunteers, Bob Bellinghausen, recently made a most unusual
and welcome gift to PET. He has for years been a stamp collector,
collecting uncancelled stamps. He took home 1,000 of our standard PET
envelopes and returned them stamped and ready to mail as first-class mail.
The gift not only saves PET the amount of the postage, but each envelope
had three or more, mostly unusual stamps on it. Research shows that
people are far more apt to open envelopes with unusual stamps on them and
with a handwritten address. Competition is fierce today to get people’s


*** PET often becomes a part of other missions. A team called VOSH-Ohio
made an eye-care mission to Honduras. They took a PET for 14-year old
Maritza Hernandez. Maritza was stricken with polio and unable to walk. She
had attended school for six years but was unable to go to the 7th
grade.With her PET she can remain in school. She was bussed to Cedros to
receive her PET, and was able to immediately drive the PET through the eye
care clinic to have her eyes examined. The report says it was a “Life
changing gift.” (See attached full story and picture.)


*** A GREAT MISSION PROJECT FOR YOUTH!! Buy good quality Frisbees, write a
friendly message in Spanish on them with a felt marker, paste on your
group photo, or whatever, and send them to us here at PET, 1908 Heriford,
Columbia, MO 65202. We will send them with our container shipment to the
youth of Nicaragua. Frisbees are new to most of them, and they love them.
Help build relationships across national boundaries.


“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” George McDonald

Mel West

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