PET MO-Columbia update 1/30/12

*** Production Report: Goal: 2012 in 2012. 40 a week. Goal to date: > 160.
Production 166. Thanks to Roger and his great shop crew.

*** A story/report: Seven or so years ago a couple gave the donation
($30,000 then) that made it possible for 20 families who were living in
dirt-floored hovels in Nicaragua to build themselves new homes in a new
village– a program of Rainbow Network, a PET Partner. Three years after
it was built I visited the village and saw a lovely village developing.
They had obvious pride in the care of their homes. Gardens and orchards
had developed, Families now lived in pride, comfort and dignity.

Today I received a report from a person who recently visited that
village. He wrote to the donor and sent photos: “This village is the one
your family funded. It is one of the most well established ones I was able
to visit, and the work you have helped start is evident. The government is
also stepping up and building a community center in the village.” He
reports additions are being built onto homes, and that one lady operates a
small store out of her home. “She is so thankful to be a part of Rainbow.”

The homeowners are paying the cost of their homes at $5 to $10 a month,
and that money will go to build more homes.


*** Two boxes of lower chain guards arrived from Matt Stanton in IL. Matt
is another of those faithful donors who regularly provides needed parts.

*** Steve Baima just called in to say that he will this afternoon pick up
a load of painted parts at Orschlens, in Moberly. Orschelns is a major
production center that free of charge powder paints tens of thousands
of parts for us each year.

*** PET is looking for a local person to write simple assembly
instructions for the Pull PET. You will also need to take a few pictures
to include in the instructions. If you are interested, you can contact
Susan Williams at


“If the rich could hire other people to die for them, the poor could make
a wonderful living” Yiddish Proverb


Mel West

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