PET MO-Columbia update 1/23/12

Friday was a great day here at PET as Container Project volunteers
from four churches gathered to completely fill a 40′ container with very
useful items for the rural poor being served by The Rainbow Network in
Nicaragua. The shipment included 24 PETs, carefully sorted and boxed
clothing and shoes, bicycles, 25 sewing machines, sewing fabric, bed
linens, school kits, around 4,000 new childrens books in Spanish, school
supplies, 12 new sets of encyclopedias in Spanish, a large pallet of
baseball equipment, 396 new soccer balls, standard wheelchairs, folding
walkers, walking canes,

72 mosquito nets, solar light bulbs, and toys and Frisbees for the
children. (The Frisbees came from the Steller Secondary School, in
Anchorage, Alaska They wrote messages in Spanish to the children of

Go to to check out this mission.

*** A great story comes to us from Zambia: an NGO called OVC Advocates had
two children, Blessing, age 6, and Mapalo, age 12, who suffered from
Cerebral Palsy. Both were a great burden on their caregivers, who had to
carry them about. The NGO had no resources for wheelchairs, but heard of
the PET Affiliate at Kitwe, Zambia, not far away. They contacted them and
two Push PETs were made especially for the needs of Blessing and Mapalo.
This is the way PET is moving. We want to have places like Kitwe
strategically placed in the developing world, already stocked with
wheelchairs (or capable of making them), so that persons in need have THE
GIFT OF MOBILITY AND HOPE available to them.


*** The United Methodist Men of Ashland, MO, came Saturday for a tour of
PET. A tour takes about an hour, and we need to know ahead of time. The
tour includes The Container Project.


“No one who has come to true greatness has not felt in some degree that
their life belongs to others, and what God has given them, they give for
humankind.” Phillip Brooks

Mel West

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