PET carts arrive in S. Sudan via Alaska Sudan Medical Project, December 2011

Hello all,

Attached are some pictures of us assembling one of the PET units (the
wooden tri-cycle wheelchairs), and one of the “child-sized” ones in

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The child-sized one was the first unit assembled the day before, and
the lil’ shaver drove into the work-yard while Thai and I were
assembling another one .

The REALLY small kid in the back-seat is the driver’s young brother, I
believe….the driver has been crawling on his hands & knees begging
in the village since I arrived early November. Todd, Jack, etc., I
imagine you re-call him, he was a striking site.

If someone could forward these pics on to the PET people (I don’t have
their emails), I’m sure they’ll appreciate seeing them.

Thanks all, take care. DK

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