PET MO-Columbia update 1/16/12

*** 2 Weeks: 87 built. 1,925 to go! 2012 in 2012

*** Susan Williams reports that in 2011 PET MO built 145 child PETs, 199
PULL PETs, and 1394 Adult PETs, for a total of 1,738. That would be a
traveling row of PETs, bumper to bumper, one and 3/4 miles long. And on
each would be a person whose life has been dramatically enhanced.

But..a row of crawling persons 28,000 miles long awaits our help.

*** On 11-24-11 Terry Furstenau, a Rotarian and a PET volunteer, helped
facilitate the shipping of PETs to Panama. They went via the MO. National
Guard, The US Navy and Rotary–all working together in a project the Navy
calls “Operation Handclasp.”

On December 27 we received an e-mail reporting that the PETs were in
Panama and would be distributed in early January. This exemplifies how we
work at PET–in cooperation with all interested parties.


A Report from Haiti via The Orphan Grain Train: “Lucas was a student
attending classes, hoping to go somewhere with his life when, January
2010, changed his life. The earthquake struck Haiti and Lucas was pinned
under concrete rubble. He was fortunate that his legs did not have to be
amputated but he is now crippled and unable to attend school and solely
dependent upon whoever would carry him about. He did not have a

“One day Lucas attended the monthly meeting of the Cite Soleil Handicapped
Association. He arrived on the back of a motorcycle, and someone had to
lift him up and off it. He saw the PET wheelchair in use by the
Association president, who was crippled himself. Lucas asked, “Please, can
I have one also?:

Orphan Grain Train gave Lucas his own PET. His plans have now changed. He
can return to school and be independent again, THANKS TO PET AND THE OGT.”


“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” Thoreau

Mel West

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