Newest Affiliate Counting Blessings

From: PET DeMotte
Date: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Subject: Counting our many blessings!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We as a Board are extremely grateful for the support of this community and
many friends from afar. We closed out 2011 with donations totalling over
$43,000 besides the many large and small gift-in-kind donations. It is
truly amazing how God is blessing this community’s desire to be a blessing
to those who struggle with physical handicaps in third world countries!

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Since the Open House on November 13, work areas are being upgraded,
storage areas are being built, electrical needs are being addressed, painting
systems are being developed, seatbelts are being made, steel is being cut,
steel parts are being welded, and steel jigs are being perfected.

Another important part of the process that finally needed to be addressed
was the Packing Process. A cardboard box supplier out of Iowa was located
that specializes in “small orders” (less than 10,000 boxes). This
not-for-profit company, Genesis Development, employs strictly handicapped
individuals. We were pleased to connect with them and support their
ministry and they ours.

The best news of all is that finally, the first 4 PETs have been delivered
to a distribution point in Indianapolis. FAME, a medical mission
organization, whose goal is to be a global leader in evangelism through
healthcare, is sending a container to India today and our first two PETs
will be contained in that shipment! We were promised by FAME’s Director
that we will receive a report and photo of each recipient of a PET from us
that they distribute. YEAH!!

This past Tuesday morning if you would have walked into the workshop you
would have seen a very busy and noisy place. Three women were busy
painting wooden boxes, seats, and seatbacks. Four men were working on
cutting, grinding, and welding steel. One man was assembling the wooden
seats and seatbacks. I was there getting the office organized. Shortly
after 10:00 someone called, “Breaktime!” It took a little coaxing, but
the announcement that coffee was ready helped to bring a halt to the
working men. And that’s when something very special came about. We all
grabbed a chair and before too much talking happened, one of the women
said, “I don’t know any of you men, I only know the women, so can we go
around and say our names so I know who you are? My name’s Bonnie.” And
with that we went around the room sharing our names, what churches we came
from, and a brief statement of why we wanted to be involved in this
ministry. In the process, one man’s comment hit all of us pretty
strongly: “I was in Viet Nam and I saw a need for these things.” There
it was–a connection!

Not only that, but we began to feel like a newly emerging family as we
realized we represented 7 different churches: Grace Fellowship, 1st
Reformed, Community Christian Reformed, American Reformed, St. Cecelia’s,
1st Christian Reformed, Wheatfield Baptist — all coming together for a
common purpose. The next thing we knew we were sharing prayer requests
with each other as people in the room had health or other needs that
needed to be shared and prayed for. I think for all of us present that morning,
the “Break Room” became our favorite place, not because we were eager to
get off our feet for a few minutes (although that is legitimate!) but
because we quickly and easily drew encouragement and companionship from
one another — don’t ya love when that happens?!

One last very special announcement: “We are On Line!” PET International
has a volunteer who sets up websites for all the affiliates and ours just
came on line within the last couple of weeks. Here is our website: We hope to personalize it with local news and pictures
in the next couple of months, but for now, there is a 12 minute video
produced by PET International that is well worth watching. There are
links to other videos on YouTube that help to show the need for this “Gift of
Mobility.” That reminds me, several of you saw a program on TV that
showed a couple of PETs being used in another country–that is awesome!

For now, SPREAD the WORD! Brochures are available at the PET shop if you
need them.

Thank you again for your support of this ministry!

Arla Gabrielse, for the Board

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