PET MO-Columbia update 12/12/11

*** Orphan Grain Train recently wrote on their home page: “Another Haiti
shipment has finally cleared the port. This morning 31 boxes of school
kits, 16 boxes clothing, 5 boxes of shoes, 19 PETs, and 217,728 meals will
be unloaded by out distribution partners. Hungry children will soon be

That again illustrates how we work, and how we are a part of a caring
ministry that is far bigger than PET. PETs so often go out as a part of a
“package of love” for those with so many needs.


*** Reports from GAiN: “Just got a report back from a team that went to
distribute wheelchairs in Ukraine. The PETs were a big hit there, so
thanks for keeping us in stock. – Gerald”

“Hi. Thanks for be part of this young boy blessing he is 12 yrs old in class 3,
who has been crawling for 2 miles to school every day, he is a hard
working boy with congenital anomalies on his lower extremity. He is very
grateful for the PET wheelchair he could now go to school with ease.
Solomon Rop” Mission hospital in Kenya, see attached report.

We delivered 170 PETs to them in May.


SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: One of our volunteers is a professor at the
School of Business at Missouri University. He has found PET as a
fascinating study, and is doing considerable research and writing on the
topic. He passes on to me articles about social entrepreneurship, some of
it written in language I did not read in either Ag school or seminary. But
I have read it with interest and appreciation. One paper lists the top
three “atributes of social opportunity.”

** (1) Prevelance: To what degree does the need exist in society? With
21,000,000 persons awaiting mobility, PET would seem to fit that category.

** (2) Relevance: The ability to move about is extremely relevant.

** (3) Urgency: Just look at the videos of persons “scuttling around on
the ground like crabs” and the need can quickly be seen as urgent.

PET meets the categories of need for social entrepreneurship. We knew that
already, but it is encouraging to have it supported by the professionals.


*** Today, between one and three, an Estes truck will pick up two large
pallets of PETs, 16 in all, to go to Paraguay–our 93rd country!!! And
Steve Baima is talking with a Lions club member about the possibility of
PETs being built in Australia for their mission shipments.


“Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or
last time.”- Betty Smith


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