Baumgardner children fund PET cart

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to share about the Personal Energy Transportation carts with a children’s Sunday school class at the Community Christian Fellowship in Garden Valley Texas.

This past week I got a call from Sherry Baumgardner the mother of six of the children who are a part of the church and attended the class. She told me that after hearing about the people in developing countries who needed mobility the Baumgardner children began saving their collective monies to fund the production of a PET cart.

This past weekend the children brought the $250.00 and gladly donated their savings for helping someone they will probably never meet. Much of the money gained was through the sale of their personal toys that each child chose to part with. I thought this gesture from small children was incredibly worthy and I wanted to share it with you.

The donation will be sent to PET TX – Luling/Brazos Valley, as they donated the cart that I use for show and tell.

Pictured with me are Mom and Dad, Sherry & Matthew Baumgardner and their children. Jacob, Liam, Tristan, Dominic, Beatrice, and Aron.

Von Driggs

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