PET MO-Columbia update 11/17/11

Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO. About 3,000 persons representing 28 different
faith groups came together (as they do each year) to bring some $1,000,000
worth of food, money, kits, blankets, etc. to be distributed to the poor
in Missouri, across the USA, and in the developing world. About half the
crowd was made up of youth, who provided much of the “person power” for
sacking rice and beans, loading trucks, etc.

I call this a Kingdom Sighting experience. Each Sunday many of us pray the
Lord’s Prayer, asking that “Thy Kingdom come, on earth, as it is in
Heaven.” When we look around we see evidences of that happening, and
Sedalia was one. Groups that would never sit at the Lord’s table together
for Communion work at the same table sorting health kits for the needy.
Groups that would never allow a person from another denomination to speak
from their pulpit stand side by side and celebrate what God has done when
they worked together.

The joy, the purpose, the focus of that annual event is addictive as more
folks learn the efficiency and satisfaction of doing together what they
could never do as well separately. The event is 30 years old, and is the
most ecumenical thing that ever happens in Missouri.


This is shipping week: Tuesday we will load out about 170 PETs and two
pallets of medical supplies to go to The Orphan Grain Train, our
distributor in Norfolk, NE. Thursday we load out 28 PETs to go to Panama
via the Missouri National Guard and Rotary. Terry Furstenau, one of our
volunteers, arranged for the shipment, and Von Driggs verified the
recipient agency. SO–in one week over 200 PETs go out our door. We will
have room for a square dance.


If you missed the airing of the PET piece (3 minutes) in Senegal,
Africa, this weekend on Christian World News, you can go to this link and
see it. Multiple Affiliates including PET MO-Columbia supplied PETs for
this shipment and some of ours can be seen in this piece. Every scene
with an unpainted wooden Pull PET, like a wagon handle, or boxes marked
“PULL PET” shows ours.


There is a text version of the report at

Some of the piece was an excerpt of the new “Where there’s a Wheel there’s
a Way” DVD. It was first aired at the PET Intl meeting in KS last month.
I worked this summer to get this new video produced for the whole PET
family through PET International. Our Affiliate version (with our contact
info & logo) is now linked on our website home page at
Check it out and tell others. Thanks to Chuck Sauer for all his computer work for PET
MO-Columbia and PET Intl through YouTube postings, website work and
website links. It takes many folks with different interests and skills to
make PET happen and be successful. Kathy


“Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the
big, worthwhile things.

It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out — it is that grain of sand
in your shoe.” Robert Service.


Mel West

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