PET MO Columbia Update 10/3/11

It is always a good feeling when we send of a shipment of items to the mission field. Last Friday Roger Hofmeister loaded out 10 PETs, 6 mini-marts, 24 sewing machines, 9 boxes of fabric, 6 spare wheels, and five shoe shine kits—to go to the Honduran medical mission operated by a group of doctors in the Marthasville, MO, area. Dr. Tim Long, who was a student of Dr. Roger Hofmeister in the U of MO Medical School is with that group, so it was special to Roger. We have been working with that group for 8 years.

*** We are now preparing a shipment of PETs to go to The Orphan Grain Train.

*** BASEBALL EQUIPMENT: is needed for the Container shipment to Nicaragua. Balls, bats, gloves, caps, Baseball is big in Nicaragua, but youth often have only tree limbs for bats and home-made string balls. Bring to 1908 Heriford, Columbia, MO 65202


A Report from the PET Intl. Annual Meeting: Saturday evening they were able to get a SKYPE connection with medical missionaries Harry & Echo Vanderwal in Swaziland, Africa. They talked to us about the PETs they have given away–about 300 of them-some from Columbia, MO. They have had PETs out for over three years, and some of the people drive them 15 or 20 miles a day. (See attached pictures of 2 of our Pull PETs they distributed in 2009 and 2011.)


“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.”
Confucius 551-479 BC

Mel West

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