Hope of Life Guatemala delivers gift of mobility

“I am writing in regards to the pet cart shipment. What a gift these carts have been to the handicapped in Guatemala. Hope of Life has distributed the carts in 5 regions of the country to children and mostly young adults. They are using the carts to work such as selling newspapers and other items. I can tell you this has been a tremendous blessing to every person that received a pet cart. Thank you and God Bless,”
Missionary Carlos Vargas

Julio Zeta Gutiérrez

Julio is one of thousands of special needs children in Guatemala. He is just 7 years old and has suffered so much in his short life. Julio was born into a family that lived in extreme poverty; both of his parents have passed away and along with his 3 siblings now live at Children’s Paradise home. This sweet child suffers from severe malnutrition and has a birth defect in his legs that has made it excruciatingly hard to walk. Your gift has brought a light to the eyes of this child. Today he can easily make his way around with the other children because of the Pet Cart you have so loving given him. Thank you!


History: Nicanor Vasquez is 88 years old, he can hardly walk and no longer work. He spent all of his life working in the fields of Guatemala and was homeless all his life. Having no one to love and care for him he came to live at “Oasis del Eden” Hope elderly home. Here he is safe from street violence, no longer has to beg for food, has clean clothes, a warm bed and around the clock care. The Pet cart has given him back his dignity as he no longer has to be pushed around but can go where he wants to and help around the home. He is so very grateful for your gift and asks that we relay his message. “Thank you and God Bless”

In January 2011 PET Columbia, MO donated a truck load of PET carts bound for Guatemala. Through a combined partnership with Gleaning for the World and their field partner Hope of Life, the carts are being delivered to those in need in Guatemala. Above are just two of the stories of those receiving the gift of mobility through this partnership.

Von Driggs
Director of Operations

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