PET MO-Columbia 9/19/11

“How To Run The World,”, by Parag Khanna, Random House, 2011, is the
book, and you should by all means get it and study it. He talks about
mega-diplomacy: “It is the key that unlocks and unleashes the resources of
governments, corporations, and NGO’s–none of which can run the world
alone. Globalization has splintered the world into an infinite milieu of
actors, but technology allows them to quickly and strategically
recombine. Rather than a stiff waltz of rituals and protocol among states
alone, mega-diplomacy is a jazzy dance among coalitions of ministries, companies,
churches, foundations, universities, activists, and other willful
enterprising individuals who cooperate to achieve specific goals.
Twenty-first century challenges will be solved through such coalitions…”

Page 22. (This book will be reviewed at the PET Intl training conference
this weekend. The site director in WA suggested it and is leading the

*** PET was born out of that kind of thinking. That is a “bottoms up” kind
of solution rather than a tops down. For forty plus years I have been
spotting local problems, in the USA and abroad, and then gathering a
coalition of folks to solve that problem. When Larry Hills reported a
need for mobility in war-torn Zaire we did not go to the governments and
ask for help. We went to individuals (Earl Miner, for example), churches,
and businesses. We followed the mood of John Wesley, who said, “If your
heart is as my heart, give me your hand.”

That hand sometimes includes the hand of government, such as sending PETs
via the military at times.

A present example is the large shipments of PETs to India via Lions
International. A local problem was spotted, a coalition was built to solve
it, and the problems is being solved. Bottom up.

We have the resources and the know-how to solve the problems of the world.
The only question that remains is DO WE HAVE THE WILL?


*** A BIG THANK YOU to whoever brought that large box of kitchen knives.
No name was on it. They will go to Honduras in a soon-to-be shipment. If
you’ve not been in the homes of the tragically poor in the developing
world you cannot imagine how few utensils they have.


*** We are preparing a shipment to Honduras, and a part of the request
concerned a woman who got a PET several yeas ago and has been using it to
make a living selling tortillas. Now she needs new rear tires. At the
time we sent her PET we were using balloon tires. Now we have gone to
solid tires and will send her some.


“When I have money, I get rid of it quickly, lest it find a way into my
heart.” John Wesley, founder of Methodism

Mel West

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