PET delivery in Honduras aids mobility and much more

August 25, 2011
Honduras, Central America

On behalf of the Munoz Family and our home church in Danli, Honduras, we want to share words of gratitude with each of you for making and sharing the PET with us. We are missionaries here in Honduras and we ask God to use us to serve the people here in any way He desires. We thank God for your organization and the work you are doing. You have helped us reach out in the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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This summer, our pastor, Armando, came to us because he had seen one of the PETs here in our village in Honduras and he knew a lady who was having trouble getting around. We said we would look into the possibility of receiving a PET and I found the pamphlet I picked up from the PET International booth when we attended the Baptist Medical and Dental Fellowship Conference this past April. We made contact with Mr. Von Driggs and Mr. Richard Schommer and they were helpful in answering questions and providing an application.

Last week, we received and delivered the PET to Idaliar Sorgrario Quinonez. It was a special time for all of us. Senora Idaliar talked with us about her legs. Even though she had only in her 40’s, a few years ago, she began having pain in both of her legs and she began using a walker. She looked for medical help, but they only gave her advice to take over the counter pain medicines. Because of her pain, frustration of not being able to get around, and other factors, she began to fight with her family and just sit at home. A silence came over the house as they wanted to care for her, but she was a difficult person to care for. Her immobility had cause a deep bitterness.

The day we arrived to deliver your PET, we were excited. Senora Idaliar came around the corner using her walker that was older than her and it was held together with pieces of wire strings. It creaked and barely held up and she shuffled to us on stiff legs. We told her about PET International, how you were placing this blessing in her hands to use well. She slowly walked over, put her walker in the back, and slide into the seat. We got the PET off the porch and we went to the streets to give her time to use it and practice. We then decided to take it further down the street to the local ‘pulperia’ (small store that sells a little of everything) and get a juice. She worked hard to learn to steer and she had good strength in her arms for making it go. We spent a few hours practicing and we made it back to her house.

We sat on the porch and talked about life. We talked about relationships, attitudes, and things that happened to us. Both Senora Idaliar and her sister-in-law listened and shared their stories and struggles. We talked about God, not in a religion sense, but about His existence and His purpose. About sin and how our decisions and attitude affect those around us. About His grace and the changes that happen when we give our life to Him. Senora Idaliar wanted to receive the Lord as her Savior. Her sister-in-law wanted to rededicate her life to the Lord, it had been over a decade since she had spent time with Him and wanted to walk His path again. We prayed together, we encouraged one another.

There are more days ahead for practicing driving and spending time outside of the house. Senora Idaliar is excited that now her world is more than just the front porch looking out as everyone goes by and her world now is one that has hope and peace. Her family is excited too, that hope for a better family relationship and hope for eternity.

We are excited. There are people in this world like us who want to see and make a difference in people’s lives all around the world. There is a phrase here in Honduras that goes ‘vale la pena hacerlo’. It means ‘it is worth doing it’. We encourage you to pass forward doing the work you do. You are making an impact in Honduras, not only in the lives of Senora Idaliar and her family, but in our community. As we pass in the streets, we see people with other PETs including one man who is now out helping sell roasted corn near our house. They all have one thing in common, they all are wearing the biggest smiles!

Thank you for your hard work!

In His Service,
The Munoz Family

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