PET carts used by Haitian disabled in SEIPH sponsored sports day

Hello Von,

Attached are a few pictures of a recent “sports day” sponsored by SEIPH (Haiti state department organization for the inclusion of persons with disabilities). We supplied them with some PET carts for the races. The Medical Teams International “TEAM” (under the leadership of Maxene, who puts together the PET carts for us) had excellent representation in all categories.

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We are in process of starting a soccer team for persons with limb loss, an
exciting adventure for us, as the Haitian people LOVE soccer. There are
already a couple of teams in the country, but none in South Haiti. We just
need to get some forearm crutches (lofstrand), as the rules are that the
person with limb loss cannot wear their artificial limb and must use 2
forearm crutches. I will let you know as these plans develop.

Also, thanks for the idea about persons with PET carts using them as
“vendor carts”. We actually are already doing that! Some of our Advocacy
group just completed training with Voila, a cell phone service company in
Haiti. The trained persons are given a phone through which they can
charge others to use to call within or outside of Haiti. The trained
persons can also sell phone cards and are trained in minor phone repair. We
appreciate the investment of Voila in providing this training and hope that
the PET carts will help those participating in the program be more mobile
so they can get their businesses started and running well.
Thanks for staying in touch…

June Hanks, PT, PhD, DPT, CWS, CLT
Medical Teams International
Haiti MTI-Advantage Program Director

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