PET recipient Fred Otieno Oluoch interview via American Friends of Kenya

WP_20151006_11_42_41_ProFollowing are excerpts of an interview carried out with Fred Otieno Oluoch, a beneficiary of one of the Adult PET carts on usage and impact of the PET cart.

Evans : Fred , Good morning? how are you doing?

Fred : Evans, I am ok and doing quite well.

Evans: We as Hatua Likoni organization are very interested in knowing how you are doing as far as the PET cart is concerned.

Fred: Evans as you now know, I am the secretary of South coast conveyors, I stay at Malindi estate in Likoni, some six kilometers from my office. Before I received this donation from you, I used to commute to and from home and that means spending over Ksh 120 daily, with this PET cart, it has been a success story, I use it as my mode of transport and has been able to save this money instead, a cool Ksh 3600 per month. The PET cart is quite unique compared to the local ones, the tyres are great no need for filling, an effective brake, reverse mechanism and technology used is simple even local technicians can assemble it and carry out repairs if need be. The seats are very comfortable and I like the safety measures taken like the availability of the seat belts. Continue reading

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PET recipient Mdm Sakina Tata interview by American Friends of Kenya

IMG_5159I visited Mdm Sakina Tata, a beneficiary of the adult PET cart at her business stall at the Kenya ferry and carried out an interview with her to access the impact of the PET cart donated to her.

Evans: How are you doing?, you look great Mdm Sakina.

Mdm Sakina: I am doing well, God has been great and faithful to me, I thank him.

Evans: As you are aware, I am here on behalf of Hatua Likoni and AFK. Continue reading

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PET North Alabama, raises awareness at Madison, AL Street Festival

20151003_093822PET Northern Alabama participated in the Madison Street Festival last Saturday. Our Affiliate had a booth and a float. This was the City of Madison, AL 35th year for the festival. Had several people who wanted to purchase the Gift of Mobility, and made some good contacts.

John W. Noblin
PET North Alabama, Inc

Continue reading

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Molinka Wangai grins with her Gift of Mobility


We recently went to the community of Chumvi, in rural eastern Kenya.

The PET Cart was given to Molinka Wangai, a mother of 3. We do not know exactly what happened to her but it seems to be a disability from birth. Her right leg is shriveled up, has no muscle tone at all. She is totally dependent on crutches. Continue reading

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Scott Walters named Executive Director of the PET Mobility Project

Press Release PDF


L to R: Ibrahim Bangura, Von Driggs, Scott Walters (seated on PET #50,000), Jim Conn

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI, OCTOBER 6, 2015 – The Board of Trustees of Personal Energy Transportation (PET) International, Inc. have hired Scott Walters as its first full time professional Executive Director. The PET Mobility Project is a volunteer driven, faith-based organization that gives the gift of mobility, a PET cart, to leg-disabled people in developing countries. Jim Conn, Chairman of the Board of PET International, said, “Our Board of Trustees has determined that the time has come that we need a full time professional Executive Director to help us implement our strategic plan for growth. While the PET Mobility Project celebrated building and distributing its 50,000th PET cart this year ending a life of crawling for 50,000 people throughout the world, millions more await their gift of mobility.” Continue reading

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PET: You helped children in India and Jamaica

PET MO-Columbia update 10-6-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #1,131

India MI man delivers to 10 girl in Amalsad Feb2013Last Friday, Gary asked me to say a blessing over the #284 PETs (mostly child sized) that are now on their way to India. PET West MI
contributed #90 child PETs to the shipment. They are going to The Fellowship of Physically Handicapped (FPH) in Mumbai, and Gran Seva Trust in Kharei, near Gandevi. Eighty are going to disabled children around Navsan. Ishwar Naik is the man in MI who had the vision to help children in India. In 2012 he saw a news report on PET. In 2013 he  took one child size PET to Pyria (find her picture attached) on his trip to visit family and gathered names of more children in need of mobility. In 2014 he raised shipping funds with the dream of sending a full overseas container of PETs. It took over a year, but he finally
received the needed approvals to import duty free. 3 years after learning about PET, #284 PETs are on the way. Continue reading

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PET cart from Leighton IA Affiliate still on the road in Kenya!

IMG_20151005_174113Hi, Von.

I was coming from market and I met with this bendficiary of PET International coming from school. A very bright boy who I believe is likely to score highly and join secondary school.

I talked with him and thought I should share with you how your company has transformed his life.

Previously he would be carried to school.

Kind regards,

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